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Jeff and Beth Foundation for the carolina's Charlotte NC Wedding

This was definitely a really sweet wedding for me personally to photograph. It pulled on my heart strings when I saw the way Jeff held Beth’s hand so close and embraced her hands with both of his hands. I love it when a groom can’t help but cry over his bride. It really makes me so happy. True love is hard to find when it comes to photographing weddings, surprisingly. Jeff really looked at Beth with such adoring eyes, and I love, love, love it. I felt like this wasn’t just another day for these two, it held high value in their hearts.

This was my first Jewish wedding, and I enjoyed things being a little different. It definitely made it wonderful. Jeff and Beth found me in the Charlotte Wedding Magazine, and I was so excited when they contacted me for a skype call from NYC. I believe we really connected and I loved making friends with them throughout the entire process.

Thank you Julia Laible for being an amazing second shooter on this one, and to my handsome gorgeous husband for holding my light sticks and all my stuff. <3

I had a really hard time picking my favorites from this day, but hopefully I did good.

Congrats Jeff and Beth! Y’all are so beautiful, and I’m so happy you picked me to shoot your wedding.

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Uptown Charlotte Engagement Photography North Carolina

Oh the loveliness of an evening uptown Charlotte, shooting two fabulous people-Beth and Jeff. I’m so thrilled to have been chosen to shoot their fall wedding. It will also be my first Jewish wedding, and I can’t wait!

Enjoy a few favorites from their uptown session last week. They currently live in NYC, so I’m so happy that they were able to come into the town for us to do this!

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Drew & EA close

I’ve had the opportunity to photograph and meet up with Drew and Elizabeth Anne quite a bit the last eight months, and it’s been such a joy to work alongside them. Getting to hear their desires and their stories about what would make their wedding day special has been super sweet. I did their engagement session (here), and I tell more about their story on that blog post.

Elizabeth Anne’s mom and dad got married at the First United Methodist Church in Gastonia, NC so long ago, and since Elizabeth Anne’s mom had passed away, it was a very special place for her to marry her lover.

Their reception took place on the top floor of the Charlotte City Club in Uptown Charlotte, NC–an overwhelming, beautiful view to enjoy while celebrating!

They are truly a beautiful, genuine, brilliant couple. And I have really loved having them as clients and friends. I’m simply so happy for them!

There was a little bit of a challenge (which didn’t stop me) in the fact that I was 34 weeks pregnant and shooting my last and final wedding before taking a break. I had my husband there to assist me and shoot along with me. (He took good care of me!) My friend and amazing photographer, Kori Hoffman, was my second shooter. She really covered me, and I don’t know what I would have done without her beautiful images to add to this collection.

Also take a peek if you haven’t already at Elizabeth Anne’s bridal portrait session from back in March, which I photographed in a blooming peach orchard in South Carolina. (here)

Enjoy!! ;D

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Back in October I had the amazing honor to shoot Jami’s sister’s incredible barn wedding. Here I was super excited when Lauren approached me about shooting her sister’s small intimate December wedding ten days before Christmas. If you saw Lauren’s wedding, you saw her mom’s amazing handy work in making the reception amazing. Well… she did it again!

They chose to get married at the small St Mary’s church in uptown Charlotte. Where pink flowers were blooming all over the bushes. (Crazy for December!) The reception was in the back yard of Jami’s home. Lights decorated all the bushes and trees and shrubs, three or four chandeliers hung from trees, and a tent was pitched in the back yard. Inside the tent was the most beautiful table seating for 50ish people with china, and silver. Every plate was different. It was so incredibly beautiful. Fabulous planning.

I’ve had the best time getting to know Jami and her family the last year or so through shooting her sister’s wedding and having dinners and coffee dates with their family. I’m so glad I got to be apart of their day. I sure love all of them.

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Katie & Corey have been so beautiful to work with. They met at Queens University and I got to know them during their engagement session (here)

Their day started at the Westin Hotel in uptown Charlotte, Ceremony was at Caldwell Presbyterian Church, and Reception at the Pewter Rose.

It was an absolutely perfect October day!

Congrats Katie & Corey! Thank you so much for letting me photograph your day! Y’all have been super special to work with.

And a special thanks to my 2nd shooter Kate Gazaway. ;) <3

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Uptown Charlotte engagement session with Adam and Sunita ;)

Adam and Sunita reflection 1

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Tree shadows

I’ve really been wanting to do some street photography. And I can’t even say its my niche but I’ve always loved walking the streets of a large city and seeing the tall buildings, looking at my reflections in windows, watching people rush busily about their lives, smelling hot dog stands, and hearing the large buses go by.  Time just never stops. And it seems like every city is full of its own magic if we look at it that way.

A long time friend of our family named “Ken Beebe” owns  Kugler Studio in uptown Charlotte. I’ve been asking him to teach me a bit about film. He’s been so gracious to let me come into his studio on a few days I have off and show me some beautiful black and white film prints he has matted all around his studio. We’ve talked long hours about photography, business, and film.

One morning we decided to go out and do just a little street photography. This was a beautiful January morning; the weather was surprisingly warm, the sky was a perfect egg shell blue. mmm…

There are two sets of photos here. One set is from that January morning, all shot with my digital. The second set is from another day shooting with Ken and Brandon all with my film camera. (With a few extra personal photos included)

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Tara Mauldin and I shot this wedding on a super hot August day. (I was Tara’s second shooter and assistant)  As it normally goes I start with shooting the groom and his guys at their hotel getting ready.

The service was held at a beautiful Catholic church with a bagpipe player who ended the ceremony.

We had quite a bit of time between the ceremony and the reception where Tara and I were able to get some lovely shots of the bride and groom at Freedom Park and uptown Charlotte. We then headed over to Bentley’s restaurant (I think its on the 27th floor) overlooking all of Charlotte. Its a gorgeous venue. The room has windows all the way around it, where the sun casts its golden light into the reception hall. I love the photos it creates.

Tara and I had such a fantastic time during this reception. One thing I can truly say is, I love photographing people when they don’t know I’m photographing them. I love that style and I love the expression and beauty I find in each person. Photo journalistic style is an absolute for me.

The grooms Aunt and Uncle pulled a slight prank in the middle of the reception and started handing out the craziest glasses that everyone was putting on! It was really great!

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