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Bride and Groom Photography schnebly hill sedona arizona

It is no small task to get to the top of Schnebly Hill in Sedona, Arizona. We had to rent a jeep and hold onto hope that we would make it to the top before the sun set. It was definitely the ride of our lives. We drove three to four miles up a very, very broken dirt road going 30 miles per hour. Meanwhile, I’m holding tightly to Leslea’s wedding dress. If we hadn’t had a seat belt, we would have flown out of the back of the jeep.

Once we made it to the top, we had about 20 minutes to shoot in the most perfect, golden light, and then it was black as night. We drove back down the road in pitch blackness, shivering and laughing so hard. It was so wonderful.

I wish I would have had about an hour more at the top of that mountain to do more and take my time. But I didn’t, and I’m very happy with how these came out, as fast as it all happened.

I’m thankful that I have such amazing clients who would do crazy things for me (and for themselves). <3

Enjoy. And yes, this looks like either Lord of the Rings or The Garden of Eden. ;)

If you haven’t seen Leslea and Nathan’s desert wedding two days before this click here 

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Nov 15, 2014
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schnebly hill sedona Bride and groom

Oh Sedona, you make my heart feel things I’ve never felt before.

Nov 03, 2013


I’ve known Jessica probably longer than any of my current friends. She and I have quite the stories of running around like crazy kids doing God knows what…. while our parents were in the ministry. I could tell you story after story of our crazy childhood. Let’s just say that Jessica’s sister hated babysitting us. ;) We’ve stayed friends through many seasons, many states, many trials, and many hair colors. I love this girl.

Jessica now has the most beautiful family, and I was honored to be able to shoot photos of their family the other night. We were surprised with a rain, a rainbow, crazy clouds, a beautiful sunset and the color of autumn. Here are a few favorites….  I feel like I could have shared all 100 of them, but I’ll spare you. ;)

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Chris&Laura Wedding USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier Charleston SC

When Laura contacted me about shooting her wedding I was so excited! I have never shot on an aircraft carrier before, nor have I ever done a wedding like this before. Completely new ground for me and something fabulous to add to my portfolio. I’ve enjoyed chatting with Laura the last 8 months or so as she’s talked about all the exciting things she wanted to do for photos. She was a smart girl, and let us have plenty of time to take lots of photos of her and Chris.

My friend Julia (Check out her work here) and I spent the weekend in Charleston together. Lots of driving and exploring new things. She was an amazing second shooter for me, I’m blessed to have been able to have her along side of me.

We have quite a few different locations for the portraits we did. We started on the Isle of Palm at The Palm hotel, and then ventured to the out side gate area of Boone Plantation, and then on to the boat.

Laura and Chris, thank you so much for choosing us to shoot your day! We loved it!

Enjoy! ;)

PS: Disclaimer, I had to try to tone it down with details of the ship… I mean…. come on…. it was amazing!

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I’ve known Esther for forever. She was my brother and my best friend growing up. Our parents were extremely close. We spent four nights a week together hanging out at each others house. Its been amazing to watch each other grow up, get married, and now (I) have a kid. Esther is a brilliant person. And I love her deeply. She will always be one of the closest people to my heart.  Here is her and her husband right before Christmas.  read more

Perfect October fall day. Color everywhere. Blue skies, slight breeze…. mmmm…. Matthew and Lauren were so blessed to have the most perfect day for their wedding.

I can’t tell you all how excited I have been about this wedding. Lauren and I have become friends the last year in a half.  Shooting her day and being around her family felt like family. (See their E-session here)

Through this whole process Matthew and Lauren have not only been amazing clients but great friends to my husband and I (I love that story!)

Sooo…. their ceremony took place at Central Church of God here in Charlotte, NC. And their reception was at the beautiful Anne Springs Close Greenway at the red barn on a hill. Lauren’s mom decorated the barn with a truck load of of eclectic, vintage antiques. Mason jars personalized with everyone’s name on it. Every table was different and unique. I felt like I was photographing a magazine wedding. The barn was so gorgeous! I loooove shooting details, and what I have here on my blog is the smallest taste of how many details their really were. Gosh! It was heaven.

Another highlight for me on this day was shooting romantic photos of Matthew and Lauren in tall gold grass, and them in the sunset. I felt like flying. They are so easy to photograph.   So yes, I’m excited about sharing this wedding with you.

Enough of me rambling…

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Aldo and Stephanie are getting married in just a few weeks! I’m excited to be able to photograph their May wedding. I wanted to get these up quickly so they could enjoy them before their big day.

Thanks for looking! ;)

S&A porch

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Aug 24, 2010

We are all still waiting for my nephew to arrive. He’s taking his sweet time, and his mommy is getting tired of waiting. Jess has been blogging since the beginning of her pregnancy, .

Soon and very soon we’ll all have a new family member. ;)

dreaded prego jess1

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