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Jun 30, 2014
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Kami Langtree Plantation Mooresville NC


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The Lovely Find Tirzah Photography

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Tirzah Photography was featured on Rustic Wedding Chic with Daphne and Andrew’s wedding. See their full wedding here. 

Tirzah Photography Rustic Wedding Chic

I’m super excited to share that Scott and Ashley’s rustic wedding has been published in the Winter Magazine of “Charlotte Wedding” 

Yeeeeeaaahhhh!! Pretty exciting!

Charlotte Wedding magazine Winter Tirzah Photography Scott and Ashley

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Jul 09, 2013

Bo & Kathryn Anne Springs Close Greenway

Could these two be any more beautiful? Meet Bo and Kathryn, and I could seriously photograph them for days. Crazy beautiful and crazy in love. They couldn’t stop smiling. Their wedding is less than a month away….

Thank God it didn’t rain! We had the most dreamy evening shoot at Anne Springs Close Greenway. The light was golden and perfect! This has to be one of my very favorite sessions ever.

Enjoy! ;)

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Any photographer that has the honor of photographing one of their closest friend’s wedding knows the emotional side of the coin. While your working hard and doing what you do as an artist, you’re also emotionally driven to not burst out in tears every five minutes. I think I lost it like three times during their ceremony.  Seeing your friend be loved so deeply, so intensely, so fully is extremely impacting and glorious. I was in awe, watching the beauty and the faithfulness of the Lord to take two people from different continents and bring them together.

Ashley and I have been friends probably since Ashley was four. I grew up with her, her family and some of her friends. We did crazy things as kids, and we still do crazy things as adults. And Scott I’ve known only for a year. (I wrote more about their story here, on their engagement session post) I love, love, love the way Scott loves Ashley. His gentleness reminds me of the way my husband loves me.

When Scott saw Ashley coming down the aisle, it was freaking amazing watching the little boy come out of him. Exuberance and heart-felt joy painted his face and took over his body. Both of them were  so giddy. Ashley looked completely stunning in a champagne Justin Alexander. Her Hawaiian sun-kissed skin and black hair caused her deep brown eyes to sparkle.

Scott and Ashley got married on a friend’s beautiful property on June 1st. They offered hay rides down through the woods to an open field where the ceremony took place. The reception took place in a large garage which they decorated with a travel/international theme.

As I was editing the portrait photos this week, I announced to my husband that I wish I could document their lives and photograph them every day because they are so gorgeous to photograph and are so in love. They are eye candy.

They ended the evening with heart-shaped Chinese lanterns, sparklers and a send off in a gorgeous mint green car. These two are some of my favorite people, and I’m honored to have stood alongside them on their day.

Special thanks to my second shooter, Kori Hoffman, and my third shooter, my husband. (Yes, I had so many images to go through…it was rough to pick the best.)

Congrats Scott and Ashley! I love you guys so, so, so much!  Thank you for everything!

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Jun 08, 2013

Landsford Canal Bridal Laura

Laura is stunning…. all I know is I felt like I was in the movie “Brave.” This was my little bit of Ireland for that day. ;)

Laura and Andrew’s wedding happen today!  <3 Enjoy Lady Laura.

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Stephanie & Peter Wedding Hyatt Greenville, South carolina 17

April was a rainy month, and it was true that the April rain brings May flowers. It was also a bit chilly for the month of April. Which is extremely odd for the Carolina’s.

Stephanie and Peter had plans to do their ceremony and reception in the Wyche Pavillion in Greenville, SC. But rain and cold air changed the plans of the day. Larkin’s On The River was a lovely, rustic like restaurant where the ceremony and reception took place. We made the very most of the day and did a few portraits and late night creative idea’s in the Wyche Pavillion right next door. We started at the Hyatt hotel a few blocks from Larkin’s and walked to Larkin’s from there in the rain.

I think rain makes you work harder at your art, and that’s what my husband and I did. We explored and tried new things, and they turned out fabulous! My husband is now my main second shooter for most of my weddings, he continues to surprise me and inspire me to go higher and be creative. I’m very thankful and happy to have him at my side all day long.

Stephanie and Peter’s day turned out so lovely and I’m so glad we got to be there to capture the emotion that took place! In spite of rain and cold…it was beautiful!

Congrats Stephanie & Peter! Thank you for letting Brandon and I shoot your day!

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