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Bo & Kathryn wedding Forest City, NC

Bo and Kathryn’s wedding was such a treat for me and Brandon to be a part of. When I first met them, we chatted for a long time about the Lord, and all he had done in our lives. I hoped they would pick me to shoot their day. And when Kathryn called me I was relieved,  because I felt like I was supposed to be their photographer. I’m so, so happy they picked me.

Their engagement session was such a treat for me to shoot – (here) because these two were so magical together in their emotion toward each other. I figured that the wedding day was going to be just as fabulous. It was pretty amazing to watch them kiss for the first time at the altar and see the sparkle in each other’s eye during romantic photos of just the two of them.

Bo and Kathryn got married in at Florence Baptist Church in Forest City, NC. They had two receptions, one at the church and one at the Forest City Club house, where we danced the night away. Besides indian weddings I don’t think I’ve seen a group of people dance so hard. I was stunned when Bo took the floor for break dancing right after he preached to his crowd of friends, telling them about the love of Jesus. I cried, he cried, Brandon almost cried… I’m sure there was a whole bunch of people crying.

We had a beautiful time with these two.

Congrats Bo & Kathryn! Thank you for letting us be a part of your day!

And once again, my husband second shot with me and assisted me. We are becoming quite the team. You may see his face on this site a bit more next year. ;)

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I feel extremely excited to share this blog with you. (Warning: If you hate beautiful rocks then you will dislike this blog. And this may be long.) If you would like to hear a little bit about how my husband and I landed in Arizona, click over to part one of the wedding I shot near Phoenix to read about it. (And here is part two in case you got hooked.)

I’m going to somewhat backtrack to the day we flew into Phoenix. It was a sad day leaving our sweet eight-month-old boy at home with my parents. I think we Facetimed him like three times before we even touched down in Arizona. My heart was sad, but an adventure is what Brandon and I have needed for quite sometime. We still dream of adventure and traveling. We love wheeling our suitcases through long airports and people watching. I love people watching…and hearing all the different languages flying around. It’s beautiful chaos. It’s the butterfly feeling of going to somewhere unseen–breathing new air, photographing different terrain and meeting new people.

We flew into Salt Lake City, Utah. I love Utah! I remember traveling through there as a kid, and it was so unearthly and so unique in its beauty. I was excited for Brandon to see a little of it. (Even though I claimed the window seat.) We flew into a snow storm. Yep, a snow storm. It was blowing like crazy as I stared out the windows of the airport eating my gyro as fast as I could, so not to miss our next flight. As soon as we were about to take off, the storm passed, and it was a blue sky. Crazy.    read more

Dolce Vita, Apache Junction, Arizona, Superstition Mountains

If you didn’t see Part 1 yet… click here

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Dolce Vita, Apache Junction, Arizona, Superstition Mountains

I don’t really know how I’m going to not write a novel about how incredible our week in Arizona was. This wedding and the time we spent there meant so much to me and my husband. So let me start from the beginning.

In October of last year, I received an email from the bride’s sister, Leslea. In the letter, she wrote that in 2009 she had seen Brandon’s and my proposal video in Ireland on YouTube and (in her words) had been stalking us ever since. She loved our music, my photography, our story, and she had been waiting for a reason to contact us. It was a beautiful email about how our lives had deeply impacted her. Brandon and my marriage and story had resonated with what was going on in her life a few years back. She told us later that she pretty much had seen every blog I’ve posted and kept up with us for over four years. Ok, so I would be creeped out normally, but this kind of stuff seems to happen throughout my life. And it always seems right.

So Leslea tells me that her amazing, beautiful sister is getting married in March 2013, and she wants to know if we are available to come shoot. She tells me about the location, where they live, etc. I freaked out. And if you knew me back in October, I’m sure you saw every tweet and every Facebook update about how crazy excited I was to get to shoot in Arizona. Photographing a bride in front of the Superstition Mountains in FREAKIN’ ARIZONA! I mean…. I almost had a heart attack!

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Drew & EA close

I’ve had the opportunity to photograph and meet up with Drew and Elizabeth Anne quite a bit the last eight months, and it’s been such a joy to work alongside them. Getting to hear their desires and their stories about what would make their wedding day special has been super sweet. I did their engagement session (here), and I tell more about their story on that blog post.

Elizabeth Anne’s mom and dad got married at the First United Methodist Church in Gastonia, NC so long ago, and since Elizabeth Anne’s mom had passed away, it was a very special place for her to marry her lover.

Their reception took place on the top floor of the Charlotte City Club in Uptown Charlotte, NC–an overwhelming, beautiful view to enjoy while celebrating!

They are truly a beautiful, genuine, brilliant couple. And I have really loved having them as clients and friends. I’m simply so happy for them!

There was a little bit of a challenge (which didn’t stop me) in the fact that I was 34 weeks pregnant and shooting my last and final wedding before taking a break. I had my husband there to assist me and shoot along with me. (He took good care of me!) My friend and amazing photographer, Kori Hoffman, was my second shooter. She really covered me, and I don’t know what I would have done without her beautiful images to add to this collection.

Also take a peek if you haven’t already at Elizabeth Anne’s bridal portrait session from back in March, which I photographed in a blooming peach orchard in South Carolina. (here)

Enjoy!! ;D

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This past weekend was an incredibly crazy time for Brandon and me. On Saturday, I (with two second shooters help) shot a beautiful wedding (which I can’t wait to blog!) at just about 34 weeks pregnant. (Shy one day) ;) My husband snapped this photo of me below. For a brief moment I had to flip off the shoes…

Pregnant and barefoot

photobooth fun

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On my wonderful wedding day, a family friend came up to me and gave me some advice which, while well-intentioned, still puzzles me to this day: “If you can just get through the first year of marriage, it will all be worth it.” Thankfully, I have to say that our first year of marriage was far from being the hardship his words portended. Spending that first year in a tiny, one-bedroom apartment, having to walk up three flights of steps repeatedly with all of our groceries, “cooking” spaghetti every other night for dinner, both of us working full-time jobs (with one car to share)…all that normal first-year marriage stuff…it wasn’t that bad. That first year was full of joy, anticipation, excitement–dancing to Norah Jones in our small, candlelit living room, buying our first home, decorating that home, laughing continually…etc…it was ever so, well, wonderful.   We didn’t just drudge through our first year; we loved it. Marriage has been fresh air in my lungs, day in and day out. We are so blessed that we feel the way we feel about each other.

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So the story goes that Rebekah grew up with me in children’s church when I was like four years old. Neither of us remember one another. My parents have spent a lot of time with this couple, and really love them. Rebekah facebooked me one afternoon and asked if I would be wiling to take some pictures of Abraham for an instrumental album that he is currently working on. We both have mutual friends (+my parents) and I got excited to do this for them. He’s a guitarist, and Rebekah, is a teacher. They just recently found out they are expecting a baby! Really beautiful, sweet couple… I really enjoyed this shoot.

They drove from Morganton, NC area. We met a Amélie’s french bakery in Noda, Charlotte.  And then drove down to the small area of Noda where there is so much colour and texture to photograph. I loved it!

I also did some photos of Rebekah…  (she is so lovely!)

I had a great time getting to know them!

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