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Sam & Jessica Gatlyn Family

I recently got the chance to photograph my brother, Samuel, his wife, Jessieca and their two boys (my nephews- Káel and Cedar) on a Sunday morning. I’ve been wanting to do more in home family sessions, and I’m going to start offering this, this year in my collections.

They started their day with waffles, bacon, being silly around the table… I just hung out for 3 hours or so and was a fly on the wall. It was really sweet for my heart to see my brother being such a wonderful father and loving husband. They are a super talented family. (You can visit their work at and

I was thinking recently about family photos/in home photography sessions, how in the moment of having them taken, they aren’t as special to us as they will be in a year or even in three years. I remember having photos taken of my family a few years ago (before I had my second son). I loved them, but today, I love them more then I ever did before. Why? Because in the moment, that is what is normal to you, the way your kids look, the way they smile, the large amounts of diapers you change, the book you have read 100 million times, the way they can destroy a room with a plastic car, the way they ask you for things, or hug you. In a year from now, they won’t be the same. They won’t even look the same, your mundane routine will be completely different and you’ll wish that you had more photos of your daily routine a year ago to remember. It’s marvelous and its full of the mundane. I think making the jump to have an artist photograph your family and realizing that in the moment these are beautiful but in a year or in ten years they will mean the world to you. I love giving back those memories to families. Especially to all the hero moms who take care of their kids day in and day out, through wonderful days and awful horrible days. We deserve to remember what was beautiful through all the rough. I am one of those moms and the photos I have with my boys mean so much to me. I can photograph my husband with the boys all day long, but at the end of the day I am the one who takes care of them day in and day out while my husband works so hard to provide. I started a 365 day photo project this year of just the men in my house.  I have called this  “The Marvelous Mundane.” and this phrase has helped me through so much this year. I have needed those moments of finding that marvelous moment in the middle of sick boys, messes, laundry, cold weather… etc. It keeps me sane to see my beautiful life. I know that at the end of the year I’ll have this story to tell of my two boys who became best friends.   My favorite quote right now is “Motherhood is the sacred marriage of the mundane and the eternal.” – Lisa-Jo Baker So cheers to remembering those marvelous mundane days.

So with that long intro, here is a day in the Gatlyn family. Enjoy!

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Tiffany and Landon's wedding at the palisades in Charlottte North Carolina

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If you didn’t see part one of Kevin and Lindsay’s dreamy weekend, click here.

So I’ve been dying to show you some of my favorite images from one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve been able to shoot. This is the venue and property of “The Inn at Palmetto Bluff.” It is a dream, everywhere you look.

Kevin and Lindsay had cottages on the property where they got ready, their ceremony took place at the small chapel on the property, the cocktail hour was on the lawn in front of the water and the reception was in the ballroom of the club house.

I feel like Jesus just smiled on us all, as we had the most amazing weather, light, and the perfection of sweet, sweet moments. I’m in awe and still floored at how amazing this day was for me, my second shooter, and my assistant.

I would like to give a shout out to Julia Laible Photography and Kaitlin Spellman for shooting, holding lights, holding bags, giving me water, and driving my golf cart. ;) Y’all made it happen with me!

I hope everyone loves these images as much as I do.

Congrats, Lindsay & Kevin! Thank you so very much for letting us be there on your wedding day!

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Uptown Charlotte Engagement Photography North Carolina

Oh the loveliness of an evening uptown Charlotte, shooting two fabulous people-Beth and Jeff. I’m so thrilled to have been chosen to shoot their fall wedding. It will also be my first Jewish wedding, and I can’t wait!

Enjoy a few favorites from their uptown session last week. They currently live in NYC, so I’m so happy that they were able to come into the town for us to do this!

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Ashley and Scott’s wedding was featured in “The Huffington Post Wedding” last week. See the link here (photos 45 and 46 are mine) and see their wedding here.

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This is a 365 day photo project I am doing called “Many A Moon”. This is the whole month of December. See them all at

I would like to say that this project has been extremely hard. Having a little person to take care of and now being pregnant. The beauty that has come out of it for me is that I’ve looked for the beauty in everyday life. Constantly looking for my photo of the day, looking for what no one else sees. I’ve also been so happy to have taken some beautiful images of my growing boy that I may not have caught otherwise. It has me excited to not have the pressure on me of this project but the mindset of looking for beauty everyday. I have picked up a camera everyday this year. That is quite the accomplishment.

Happy New Year! I’m glad this project is over… phhhhhew….

Many a Moon December

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This is a 365 day photo project I am doing called “Many A Moon”. This is the whole month of November. See them all at

November Many a Moon

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This is a 365 day photo project I am doing called “Many A Moon”. This is the whole month of October. See them all at

October 365 Day Project Many A moon

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