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Drew & EA close

I’ve had the opportunity to photograph and meet up with Drew and Elizabeth Anne quite a bit the last eight months, and it’s been such a joy to work alongside them. Getting to hear their desires and their stories about what would make their wedding day special has been super sweet. I did their engagement session (here), and I tell more about their story on that blog post.

Elizabeth Anne’s mom and dad got married at the First United Methodist Church in Gastonia, NC so long ago, and since Elizabeth Anne’s mom had passed away, it was a very special place for her to marry her lover.

Their reception took place on the top floor of the Charlotte City Club in Uptown Charlotte, NC–an overwhelming, beautiful view to enjoy while celebrating!

They are truly a beautiful, genuine, brilliant couple. And I have really loved having them as clients and friends. I’m simply so happy for them!

There was a little bit of a challenge (which didn’t stop me) in the fact that I was 34 weeks pregnant and shooting my last and final wedding before taking a break. I had my husband there to assist me and shoot along with me. (He took good care of me!) My friend and amazing photographer, Kori Hoffman, was my second shooter. She really covered me, and I don’t know what I would have done without her beautiful images to add to this collection.

Also take a peek if you haven’t already at Elizabeth Anne’s bridal portrait session from back in March, which I photographed in a blooming peach orchard in South Carolina. (here)

Enjoy!! ;D

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Drew & Elizabeth Anne are great friends of Matthew & Lauren (See wedding here). Elizabeth Anne wanted to do their engagement session at her childhood home in Gastonia. It’s being sold and the property holds dear memories for her. A big red barn, a sweet white home, her mother’s rose garden (her mom passed away a few years ago,) her horse, her twin labs, and a beautiful little pasture.  I almost choked up when she told me how much it meant to her.

Their wedding is next June in uptown Charlotte at the Charlotte City Club. Exciting!! ;D

Congrats Drew & Elizabeth Anne!

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