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Chris&Laura Wedding USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier Charleston SC

When Laura contacted me about shooting her wedding I was so excited! I have never shot on an aircraft carrier before, nor have I ever done a wedding like this before. Completely new ground for me and something fabulous to add to my portfolio. I’ve enjoyed chatting with Laura the last 8 months or so as she’s talked about all the exciting things she wanted to do for photos. She was a smart girl, and let us have plenty of time to take lots of photos of her and Chris.

My friend Julia (Check out her work here) and I spent the weekend in Charleston together. Lots of driving and exploring new things. She was an amazing second shooter for me, I’m blessed to have been able to have her along side of me.

We have quite a few different locations for the portraits we did. We started on the Isle of Palm at The Palm hotel, and then ventured to the out side gate area of Boone Plantation, and then on to the boat.

Laura and Chris, thank you so much for choosing us to shoot your day! We loved it!

Enjoy! ;)

PS: Disclaimer, I had to try to tone it down with details of the ship… I mean…. come on…. it was amazing!

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Another June wedding… <3

Laura and Andrew’s wedding took place at St Philip Neri Catholic Church in Tega Cay, SC . Their beautiful reception took place in the courtyard of the Marriott Renaissance Hotel in Southpark, Charlotte, NC.

Laura’s bright red hair won me over as I photographed her. Check out her bridal session that looks a little bit like Ireland. Here.

My husband, Brandon second shot this wedding with me and he did amazing! I love him by me all day. <3

Congrats Andrew & Laura! Thank you for letting us be a part of your day!

Enjoy! ;)

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Well… Its coming up on almost a year ago I helped second shoot this wedding with Tara Mauldin Photography . (End of May 2011) I have been dying to share this day with you all. It was definitely hands down the coolest (and hottest) wedding I’ve ever shot. Fifteen hours, two outfit changes and grueling 90’s heat. The day started about seven AM and it was late when we finished. I’ve never seen a bride so beautiful, so decked out, so much preparation. I felt like I had to catch my breath over and over at the layers of beauty that they put her in. ah! Everywhere I looked was eye candy. Color, fabrics, bangles, sparkles, beads….. so incredibly lovely. I may have gone a bit overboard on sharing a ton of photos of Michelle. But I’m so sorry, I couldn’t help it.. ;)

The Hindu ceremony was not like I would have expected. (t was held at the Rock Barn Golf & Spa in Hickory, NC.)It was very interactive, layers of rituals, tears, joy, and extremely light hearted. I can seriously say I loved it. I may have teared up here and there.  I don’t know how the bride and groom were able to stand the unbearable heat with their apparel but they did. I felt like I could have passed out a few times. :D

Anyways, I hope you enjoy just a snippet of this extremely long fifteen hours. Be sure to check out Tara’s blog with the two days leading up to the ceremony. Gorgeous!

Thank you Biren & Melissa for letting me share this day with you! ;D I loved it.

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So Laura is a best friend of one of my dearest friends, Ashley Fragas who I’ve known since I was like 7 (maybe?)

Ashley approached me about shooting Dustin and Laura’s December wedding. It was going to be held at the Post Chapel on the Fort Bragg base in Fayetteville, NC.  I agreed to it, and was excited to find out that my parents and brother has actually spent some time getting to know Laura in Israel a few years back on a trip. I’m sad to say that I haven’t gotten to know Laura and Dustin hardly at all, but in my brief coffee date with her I found her spirit so charming. She is full of so much beauty and hope. I’m sad they don’t live in the area. Her and Dustin have now relocated up north.

I would like to give a HUGE shout out to my amazing second shooter and assistant- (aka, my husband) He does such an amazing job.

Congrats Dustin & Laura! Thank you for everything!

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Adam & Sunita’s wedding took place at the end of September. It was a two part day, the first part started at the Gurdwara Sahib Temple in Concord. It was a Sikh ceremony, full Indian attire.  Sunita’s family came all the way from London, and her grandmother flew alone from India to celebrate their day.

The second part of their day was an evening traditional ceremony on the deck of the Mint Museum in uptown Charlotte, following was a reception on the top floor of the Mint. Gorgeous view of uptown Charlotte.

Thank you Kori Hoffman for being an absolutely incredible friend and second shooter for me.

Congrats Adam & Sunita! Thanks again.

Enjoy! ;D

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Daphne and Andrew’s wedding took place at the end of August at Freedom Park in Charlotte, NC.  The Ceremony and Reception took place on the parks island under lovely willow trees, very breezy (effects from Hurricane Irene) and blue sky. It was gorgeous. Really great.  If you haven’t already seen Daphne & Andrew’s engagement session – check it out here. Daphne and Andrew have such great taste. All their details were handmade and so romantic. The smallest things made the biggest difference in decorating. Simple and romantic. I loved, loved, loved shooting their day.

Daphne pretty much has the best facial expressions when she is happy and excited. I loved it. She was/is a beautiful bride. (Her dress is an Allure if anyone is interested)

Andrew and Daphne are leaving in a few weeks to move to Korea to teach English. They will be missed. :( Great adventures await them on their new married life together.

Thank you Anna Hollingsworth for being a great 2nd shooter.

Thank you  Daphne and Andrew for letting me a part of of your day, I have enjoyed getting to know you both, and its been great to work with you guys! Congrats!!!

I hope you enjoy these photos!

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I love the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” It’s one of my all-time favorites. This was my first time ever photographing a Greek wedding. The bride is Greek and the groom is from Boston, so there was quite the difference between the two families. I really enjoyed getting to know Bill and his family. When I knocked on his hotel room door around 2:30 PM, he, his groomsmen and his dad were all getting their vests, ties, jackets and shoes on. The conversations I heard in a room full of men from Boston was definitely… ummm…different (smile).

My friend, Tara Mauldin, (I was her second shooter and assistant) went to the bride’s house where she was getting ready. (Check out her blog for more pictures of this wedding, coming soon.)

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