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Bride and Groom Photography schnebly hill sedona arizona

It is no small task to get to the top of Schnebly Hill in Sedona, Arizona. We had to rent a jeep and hold onto hope that we would make it to the top before the sun set. It was definitely the ride of our lives. We drove three to four miles up a very, very broken dirt road going 30 miles per hour. Meanwhile, I’m holding tightly to Leslea’s wedding dress. If we hadn’t had a seat belt, we would have flown out of the back of the jeep.

Once we made it to the top, we had about 20 minutes to shoot in the most perfect, golden light, and then it was black as night. We drove back down the road in pitch blackness, shivering and laughing so hard. It was so wonderful.

I wish I would have had about an hour more at the top of that mountain to do more and take my time. But I didn’t, and I’m very happy with how these came out, as fast as it all happened.

I’m thankful that I have such amazing clients who would do crazy things for me (and for themselves). <3

Enjoy. And yes, this looks like either Lord of the Rings or The Garden of Eden. ;)

If you haven’t seen Leslea and Nathan’s desert wedding two days before this click here 

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Arizona desert Wedding

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We might have picked the coldest night of fall to shoot, but it was also peak fall weekend, and the leaves were wondrous. Matthew and Emily are getting married at the Filmore in the Music Factory this fall, and I’m so thrilled to be their photographer.

Enjoy these two, they were so wonderful to work with. ;)

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Nov 15, 2014
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schnebly hill sedona Bride and groom

Oh Sedona, you make my heart feel things I’ve never felt before.

Jeff and Beth Foundation for the carolina's Charlotte NC Wedding

This was definitely a really sweet wedding for me personally to photograph. It pulled on my heart strings when I saw the way Jeff held Beth’s hand so close and embraced her hands with both of his hands. I love it when a groom can’t help but cry over his bride. It really makes me so happy. True love is hard to find when it comes to photographing weddings, surprisingly. Jeff really looked at Beth with such adoring eyes, and I love, love, love it. I felt like this wasn’t just another day for these two, it held high value in their hearts.

This was my first Jewish wedding, and I enjoyed things being a little different. It definitely made it wonderful. Jeff and Beth found me in the Charlotte Wedding Magazine, and I was so excited when they contacted me for a skype call from NYC. I believe we really connected and I loved making friends with them throughout the entire process.

Thank you Julia Laible for being an amazing second shooter on this one, and to my handsome gorgeous husband for holding my light sticks and all my stuff. <3

I had a really hard time picking my favorites from this day, but hopefully I did good.

Congrats Jeff and Beth! Y’all are so beautiful, and I’m so happy you picked me to shoot your wedding.

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Tiffany and Landon's wedding at the palisades in Charlottte North Carolina

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Tirzah Photography Carolina bride published

Thank you Carolina Bride for featuring one of my photos from Lindsay and Kevin’s wedding in your newest magazine. See Lindsay & Kevin’s wedding here. 

Alex & Brittany Wedding Brakefield at Riverwalk Rock Hill, South Carolina

When a girl from Rock Hill, SC meets a Costa Rican in Shanghai, China….. well it’s pretty awesome story. I think the story goes something like, he asked her to dance with him at a bar in Shanghai and then the rest is history.

I was so excited to photograph these two, they are a super beautiful couple and they took time getting to know me and my family. Twice they came over (with Brittany’s parents) to my place and enjoyed playing with my children while we chatted about their plans for the day. Through diapers, aches, and boo boo’s they hung in there as my kids screamed around the house. (I couldn’t believe that they wanted to come to my house! I warned them! haha!)

They are both amazing dancer’s and the salsa dancing at the wedding was my favorite part of the day. These people can dance…. goodness!

I might have danced a little too. ;)

Congrats Alex and Brittany, thank you so much for letting me and Brandon photograph your day!

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