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Stephanie & Peter’s Wedding has been published in the Spring Magazine of “Charlotte Wedding”  !!!

Pretty Fabulous!

Charlotte Wedding Magazine Spring 2013- Tirzah Photography

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I’m super excited to share that Scott and Ashley’s rustic wedding has been published in the Winter Magazine of “Charlotte Wedding” 

Yeeeeeaaahhhh!! Pretty exciting!

Charlotte Wedding magazine Winter Tirzah Photography Scott and Ashley

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I’m so excited and so honored to share that Tirzah Photography has won a Fearless Photographer Award! It’s such a huge accomplishment for me!  Here is my profile on Fearless.

Tirzah Photography Fearless award

Chris&Laura Wedding USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier Charleston SC

When Laura contacted me about shooting her wedding I was so excited! I have never shot on an aircraft carrier before, nor have I ever done a wedding like this before. Completely new ground for me and something fabulous to add to my portfolio. I’ve enjoyed chatting with Laura the last 8 months or so as she’s talked about all the exciting things she wanted to do for photos. She was a smart girl, and let us have plenty of time to take lots of photos of her and Chris.

My friend Julia (Check out her work here) and I spent the weekend in Charleston together. Lots of driving and exploring new things. She was an amazing second shooter for me, I’m blessed to have been able to have her along side of me.

We have quite a few different locations for the portraits we did. We started on the Isle of Palm at The Palm hotel, and then ventured to the out side gate area of Boone Plantation, and then on to the boat.

Laura and Chris, thank you so much for choosing us to shoot your day! We loved it!

Enjoy! ;)

PS: Disclaimer, I had to try to tone it down with details of the ship… I mean…. come on…. it was amazing!

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Bo & Kathryn wedding Forest City, NC

Bo and Kathryn’s wedding was such a treat for me and Brandon to be a part of. When I first met them, we chatted for a long time about the Lord, and all he had done in our lives. I hoped they would pick me to shoot their day. And when Kathryn called me I was relieved,  because I felt like I was supposed to be their photographer. I’m so, so happy they picked me.

Their engagement session was such a treat for me to shoot – (here) because these two were so magical together in their emotion toward each other. I figured that the wedding day was going to be just as fabulous. It was pretty amazing to watch them kiss for the first time at the altar and see the sparkle in each other’s eye during romantic photos of just the two of them.

Bo and Kathryn got married in at Florence Baptist Church in Forest City, NC. They had two receptions, one at the church and one at the Forest City Club house, where we danced the night away. Besides indian weddings I don’t think I’ve seen a group of people dance so hard. I was stunned when Bo took the floor for break dancing right after he preached to his crowd of friends, telling them about the love of Jesus. I cried, he cried, Brandon almost cried… I’m sure there was a whole bunch of people crying.

We had a beautiful time with these two.

Congrats Bo & Kathryn! Thank you for letting us be a part of your day!

And once again, my husband second shot with me and assisted me. We are becoming quite the team. You may see his face on this site a bit more next year. ;)

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Ryan & Kim Main Post Chapel Fort Bragg

I’ve known Kim about eleven years. We were in youth group together back in the day and hung out here and there. I remember going to the pool with her the day I got my permit. haha!  It was quite the surprise when she emailed me one day about shooting her June wedding. Its been so great to be back in touch with her.

Kim’s husband, Ryan is in the army band now stationed in Alabama and Kim has been a band teacher for quite some time. Both of their dads play wind instruments and so they busted out a quartet of horns at their reception.

One thing I love about Kim is that this girl cannot not smile.  They were so sweet to photograph, and Kim didn’t let the rain dampin her wedding day! We made it all work and it turned out so beautiful.

The ceremony took place at the Main Post Chapel on Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, NC. And the reception took place in the Hodge Room of the Fort Bragg Club.

I would like to give a special shout out to my hubby for taking amazing photos and being the best guy ever!

Congrats Ryan & Kim! Thanks for letting us shoot your day!


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Jun 08, 2013

Landsford Canal Bridal Laura

Laura is stunning…. all I know is I felt like I was in the movie “Brave.” This was my little bit of Ireland for that day. ;)

Laura and Andrew’s wedding happen today!  <3 Enjoy Lady Laura.

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Stephanie & Peter Wedding Hyatt Greenville, South carolina 17

April was a rainy month, and it was true that the April rain brings May flowers. It was also a bit chilly for the month of April. Which is extremely odd for the Carolina’s.

Stephanie and Peter had plans to do their ceremony and reception in the Wyche Pavillion in Greenville, SC. But rain and cold air changed the plans of the day. Larkin’s On The River was a lovely, rustic like restaurant where the ceremony and reception took place. We made the very most of the day and did a few portraits and late night creative idea’s in the Wyche Pavillion right next door. We started at the Hyatt hotel a few blocks from Larkin’s and walked to Larkin’s from there in the rain.

I think rain makes you work harder at your art, and that’s what my husband and I did. We explored and tried new things, and they turned out fabulous! My husband is now my main second shooter for most of my weddings, he continues to surprise me and inspire me to go higher and be creative. I’m very thankful and happy to have him at my side all day long.

Stephanie and Peter’s day turned out so lovely and I’m so glad we got to be there to capture the emotion that took place! In spite of rain and cold…it was beautiful!

Congrats Stephanie & Peter! Thank you for letting Brandon and I shoot your day!

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