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I feel extremely excited to share this blog with you. (Warning: If you hate beautiful rocks then you will dislike this blog. And this may be long.) If you would like to hear a little bit about how my husband and I landed in Arizona, click over to part one of the wedding I shot near Phoenix to read about it. (And here is part two in case you got hooked.)

I’m going to somewhat backtrack to the day we flew into Phoenix. It was a sad day leaving our sweet eight-month-old boy at home with my parents. I think we Facetimed him like three times before we even touched down in Arizona. My heart was sad, but an adventure is what Brandon and I have needed for quite sometime. We still dream of adventure and traveling. We love wheeling our suitcases through long airports and people watching. I love people watching…and hearing all the different languages flying around. It’s beautiful chaos. It’s the butterfly feeling of going to somewhere unseen–breathing new air, photographing different terrain and meeting new people.

We flew into Salt Lake City, Utah. I love Utah! I remember traveling through there as a kid, and it was so unearthly and so unique in its beauty. I was excited for Brandon to see a little of it. (Even though I claimed the window seat.) We flew into a snow storm. Yep, a snow storm. It was blowing like crazy as I stared out the windows of the airport eating my gyro as fast as I could, so not to miss our next flight. As soon as we were about to take off, the storm passed, and it was a blue sky. Crazy.    read more

This past weekend was an incredibly crazy time for Brandon and me. On Saturday, I (with two second shooters help) shot a beautiful wedding (which I can’t wait to blog!) at just about 34 weeks pregnant. (Shy one day) ;) My husband snapped this photo of me below. For a brief moment I had to flip off the shoes…

Pregnant and barefoot

photobooth fun

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On my wonderful wedding day, a family friend came up to me and gave me some advice which, while well-intentioned, still puzzles me to this day: “If you can just get through the first year of marriage, it will all be worth it.” Thankfully, I have to say that our first year of marriage was far from being the hardship his words portended. Spending that first year in a tiny, one-bedroom apartment, having to walk up three flights of steps repeatedly with all of our groceries, “cooking” spaghetti every other night for dinner, both of us working full-time jobs (with one car to share)…all that normal first-year marriage stuff…it wasn’t that bad. That first year was full of joy, anticipation, excitement–dancing to Norah Jones in our small, candlelit living room, buying our first home, decorating that home, laughing continually…etc…it was ever so, well, wonderful.   We didn’t just drudge through our first year; we loved it. Marriage has been fresh air in my lungs, day in and day out. We are so blessed that we feel the way we feel about each other.

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