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So this past weekend one of my closest friends Sharon Gallaway came to visit me. It just so happened to be the peak week of fall here in South Carolina. Everywhere we looked was sorta like magic floating around.

Brandon, Sharon and I took a little hike around Anne Springs Greenway here in Fort Mill, SC. As we were about to start walking we heard a little girl kicking up colored leaves yelling.. “Mom! Its time to wake up the leaves!” I love that..

So this post is to let you in on our little hike Saturday, and make you all wish you lived in my state.

PS: Sharon I miss you already. =(

fall collage

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Aug 04, 2010
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Although these were taken over the course of last summer to this summer, I still get really excited about them! I need to blog these more often… ;)

Jessica Hands

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Jun 18, 2009
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These are like my secret weapon… ;)

tree TVF

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