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If you haven’t seen part one of “The Tale of Forest Káel,” click here before you read any further.

To paint this story as best as I can, I try to take pictures of the time as often as possible so that you can see the hours that Jessica spent in labor. Again, remember that Forest Káel was born on August 29th at 3:33 AM.  It felt like an eternity at times, and then at times I couldn’t believe how fast time was flying.

Jessica’s poor body was so tired, she could hardly stand. All she could think about was wanting to sleep. The little man in her womb had turned his face a little and his head was catching on her cervix. Her midwives, for about six hours, tried everything they could to get things positioned correctly–adjusting as Jessica would push, having Jessica turn to different sides on her back, standing up with a leg on the bed, kneeling, etc.  I have never seen such horrible pain on someone’s face. It was dreadful to watch.

At times I would leave the room, curl up on my husband’s lap and weep a little. Brandon would look at me and smile with only the smile that could calm my heart.  Again and again…yells, moans, roars, screams could be heard. At one point Jess laid her head on her bed and cried out, “Jesus, I can’t do this anymore! Your going to have to help me, I’m so tired!”

The most emotional part for me was seeing Samuel (my brother) lean over and kiss her head and hold her hand. Seeing my best friend hurt was rough enough, but seeing my dearest brother see his bride hurt was so emotional for me.

August 28th at 6:26PM, the sun was still up a bit and all the grandparents plus my husband were sitting in the living room chatting, laughing and praying. Jess later told me that the sound of laughter from the other room in between her contractions was so comforting to her, reassuring her that it wouldn’t be like this forever. read more

This is my side of the most incredible story that I’ve been able to be a part of in a long time. Not just any baby was born; He’s very special. He’s my best friend’s baby, my brother’s son, my parents’ grand-baby and my little nephew. I felt every emotion known to man in 24 hours. This was miraculous, exciting, terrifying, fearful, painful, traumatic, heartbreaking, heart-wrenching, incredible, fantastic, happy, selfless, sad…name it. I felt it. At times I felt like a fly on the wall waiting for a window to open so I could fly out.

I’ve been skeptical of pregnancy for quite some time, but after this, I may go up to pregnant ladies in Wal-Mart and start shaking their hands. I’m such a changed person. My heart is so tender and happy. I never want to see my best friend walk through this again. I’m scarred for life.  Jessica is my absolute hero and such an incredible woman to know. I’m so blessed and honored that we both found one another. I hope you enjoy her story.

Side note: Keep track of the times and dates that I post. Káel was born on August 29th at 3:33AM. You’ll be able to count the hours till he’s born.

Disclaimer: Jessica has seen and approved all the images in the next two blogs. ;) read more

So… my brother and sister-in-law’s baby is due in just a few weeks. Jessica looks great, she is an absolutely beautiful pregnant woman. And she works out like crazy. She just got dreads last week, and if you know anything about Jessica.. its perfect for her.

baby gatlyn

This photo was taken just last week… we got to see him all big and chubby. so cute.

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Brandon and I joined my brother and sister in-law for a weekend in Dallas this past week. Jessica (my sister in-love) is very pregnant and due in about 8 weeks. (You can see her maternity pictures here.) She is from Dallas and her family invited us to come celebrate her baby shower in the state she loves.

We had such a fantastic time while we were there. We got to go to antique stores, we walked around the Gaylord Hotel, went swimming, spent quality time with family and lounged around.

The beginning pictures below are of Jess’ baby shower. Jess’ mom, Rebecca hired to come. We had a blast, making 7 second videos and then watching them be printed out into little flip books. Of course Jess’ baby shower was decorated in mason jars filled with flowers and antique buttons. For her baby room she is doing a 1960’s forest theme. (I can’t wait to take pictures!) We decorated with owls and birds scattered here and there. And Whole foods catered sandwiches and cupcakes.

The 2nd part of the pictures is from our day at the Gaylord Hotel and hanging out at antique stores, being ridiculous together. I took a lot of pictures in mirrors that day. It was just the mood I was in.

And yes, everything is big in Texas.

decor 1

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So, Jessica is my bestest friend and, to go along with that, she also married my brother in September. (See some of their wedding pictures – ) Now we are sisters!!! Jessica  and I spend just about every day together. I’m seriously over at her house every day, or she’s at mine. We eat a majority of meals together  and we share the deep places of our hearts with one another. It’s so good that my best friend is going to be my best friend FOREVER–she’s stuck!  haha….

Jessica and Samuel found out they were pregnant back in December, and it took us all by surprise. Brandon and I got to go see Jess’s 3D ultra sound a few weeks back. Pretty excited to find out that we are going to be an Aunt and an Uncle to a feisty little boy who looks just like my brother.

Baby Gatlyn

Now, I’m a little strange about maternity pictures. First of all, I have never been pregnant. Second of all, I feel like so many photographers make BEAUTIFUL pregnant ladies look horrible.  And… the bare-belly, half-naked maternity pictures often seem so tacky, and even cheesy.  I’m on a journey of trying to figure out how to take maternity pictures in a way that hasn’t been captured yet… where men who aren’t your husband feel comfortable looking through you’re photo album.  I definitely haven’t arrived in that journey of creativity, but two days ago, I took Jess to an old abandoned house and I shot pictures of her.  She is 24 weeks prego right now, and I’ll probably shoot more pictures of her when she gets closer to her due date in August.

I feel like so many photographers have seriously missed capturing the beauty of a mommy “with a baby in the oven.”  I like to look at it like this:

“I’m shooting a portrait session.

PS: She just so happens to be pregnant.”

Enjoy, and leave me some love!

Full House/jessica

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