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Jan 03, 2014
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This is my sweet cousin and her husband…. while I was up north for Christmas I got a chance to photograph them and explore the snowy Ohio woods. At some points, it was so snowy that we could hardly see. I love the covered bridges found up north. It’s something we definitely don’t have down south.

I love these two… bundle up and enjoy!


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Sep 11, 2013
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Kyle & Leah Davidson College Engagement

These two are just so beautiful. While I was editing these photos I was getting so excited about shooting their wedding next spring in Asheville. Aren’t they beautiful people?

This was a sunrise session at Jetton Park and Davidson College. Enjoy! ;)

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Jul 09, 2013

Bo & Kathryn Anne Springs Close Greenway

Could these two be any more beautiful? Meet Bo and Kathryn, and I could seriously photograph them for days. Crazy beautiful and crazy in love. They couldn’t stop smiling. Their wedding is less than a month away….

Thank God it didn’t rain! We had the most dreamy evening shoot at Anne Springs Close Greenway. The light was golden and perfect! This has to be one of my very favorite sessions ever.

Enjoy! ;)

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Black lit, Umbrella, Rain, love

Last night, my neighbors, Josiah and Nicole, agreed to get wet for me… <3

Black lit, Umbrella, Rain, love

Feb 05, 2013

Ashley & Scott 14

Ashley is one of the greatest joys in my life. (I’ve known her since we were both super, super young) Whenever I see this girl (which is like once every two months-ish) I am immediately safe in my own skin, and free to be myself around her. A year ago yesterday, she met a strapping young man at a Krispy Kreme race (run 5 miles, eat a dozen donuts, and then run 5 more- or something like that.) He was a kind, English man who stole her heart, and transformed her current situations. He won her over time and time again. I loved being kept in the loop of their first dates (with the “What should I wear?” texts, and pictures of different outfits.) He took her on “glow in the dark” golfing at night, in the pouring rain as their first date. He planned out special trips to the zoo, and the finale of taking her on a crazy, amazing trip around NYC a week before Christmas. He gave her 6 or 7 clues which took them to the top of the Empire State building, ice skating in Central Park,  an amazing restaurant overlooking all of NYC, worlds best cup of coffee (From the movie “Elf”) and then he proposed to her with a bright green emerald ring in front of the Rockefeller Christmas tree. Scott is an absolute joy to be around. They are madly in love, and I cry thinking about it. The Lord has proven his faithfulness to Ashley by bringing Scott into her life. Photographing them is like eating my favorite candy. I’m not kidding. Its easy, its gorgeous, its perfect, and I could seriously photograph them for hours and hours and it wouldn’t be work.

I am shooting their magnificent June wedding. And I am going to cry like a baby the whole day. <3

So about this shoot… Saturday, I took them to a friends/family piece of property, which is like a photographer play ground. Old beautiful house, open fields, bird houses, porch swings, large boulders, wheat fields, woods, ivy, Lake Norman. I mean…. sigh. I was in heaven. It was super, super cold. (Thank God I wore my leggings under my jeans) and Scott and Ashley took it like heros. The sky was cloudy, then sunny, then golden, then blue, then dark. It was fun.

Thank you to my amazing husband who stood in 10-20 minute increments out in the cold to hold my lights and all my stuff. <3 (You are the best!)

I am in love with these photos of them. And I had a really really rough time picking what to share. I did a workshop recently with my friend Shelley Paulson, and Ashley and Scott were our models.  So if you’ve seen them before, thats why.

Congrats Ashley and Scott! I love you both so, so much! Happy Engagement! (Wanna see their wedding? Click here)

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Jan 14, 2013


I’ve known Esther for forever. She was my brother and my best friend growing up. Our parents were extremely close. We spent four nights a week together hanging out at each others house. Its been amazing to watch each other grow up, get married, and now (I) have a kid. Esther is a brilliant person. And I love her deeply. She will always be one of the closest people to my heart.  Here is her and her husband right before Christmas.  read more

Nov 15, 2012
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Brisk, lovely fall evening at Freedom Park about a month ago. Kim and Ryan are getting married next summer! He is in the army and plays in the armies band and she is a band teacher in a school. Kim and I used to go to church together about 10 years ago. Its crazy how time flies. I’m excited for these two!

Enjoy! ;D

Kim & Ryan Freedom Park 6

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Stephanie & Peter are getting married next Spring. I’m super excited to shoot their big day! We recently went to Heist Brewery in Noda of Charlotte to shoot some engagement photos. We then walked through some of the Noda area to hit up a skyline of the Queen City. They also wanted to share their love for books… so on to the Peddler’s Post. We then ended up at their home to shoot some photos with their sweet furry friends.

Enjoy! ;D


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